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Our company undertakes the design of - mainly plastic molding - tools. Design is based on CAD files provided by the customer. With many years of experience, our team of engineers  prepare the final plans in the shortest possible time but we can get involved even in the early stages of product design.

Injection Moulding Tools

We design injecting tools from the „simpler” open-close tools up to tools which are more complex and containing more moving inserts.

We also have many years of experience in the design of injection molding tools, so we can be a great help to our customers with this kind of products too.

Design of unique devices

We also possess extensive professional experience in designing custom equipments for industrial applications.


We undertake the design of measuring equipments, using normals or fully customized parts. We are also familiar with the design of RPS-based measuring equipments. We are also at the disposal of our customers to design targeting machines, such as welding or cutting machines.

Tool design

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