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Engineering services for the industry



Our main field of activity are 3D digitization and optical measuring technology.
Our company was established with the aim to help companies who wants to take advantage of the 21st century's technologies even in the absence of suitable source, both in the quality system and in the different areas of production.

So far we have gained tremendous experience in the plastic industry and in the related sectors.

​From the design of the tools and devices through traditional and CNC machining - which is carried out in close cooperation with our partner companies by our external staff - up to assembly, we are at your service in any part-task or complete projects.



3D Scanning

We undertake high-precision 3D digitization of products and components with GOM ATOS CORE optical measuring systems, in our office or anywhere in the country.

Tool design

With many years of professional experience, we are committed to designing new tools, special equipments, devices or modifying existing designs.

CNC milling

In close cooperation with our partner companies, we undertake the comp-lete implementation, modification and repair of injection molding tools or the production of custom parts.


Automotive partners


Completed projects


Digitalized  parts


Engineering hours




Contact us

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

+ 3670 / 427-69-56 or write a message:

Thank You! We will answer your question soon!

Central office

3580 Tiszaújváros

Szent István út 82.

Tel: +3670/427-69-56

Mobile digitizing office

4025 Debrecen

Antall József u. 16.

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