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GOM ATOS is an industrial high resolution 3D optical measuring system. ATOS measuring units provide three-dimensional measurements of industrial components (metal parts, tools and molds, prototypes, injection molded and molded parts). The accuracy is between 0,01 and 0,04 mm. Instead of measuring individual points, the whole component geometry is comprehensively described by a point cloud or polygon mesh describing the surface of the object.

The ATOS 3D Scanner is a precision and cost-effective solution for many application areas, including the following:

• Quality control, quality analysis
• Measurement
• Reverse Engineering
• Rapid Prototyping
• Quick milling
• Digital design


Measurement and Evaluation

The powerful, stable ATOS Professional includes the GOM Inspect Professional software which controls the sensor, processes the 3D point cloud and also able to edit and process data subsequently. Through the simple graphical user interface/surface, the ATOS Professional and GOM Inspect Professional software support today's tasks in quality management, production and also in the field of Reverse Engineering.

3D Digitization

With this high-quality optical 3D scanner we offer three dimensional and accurate digitization of shapes. The GOM ATOS system is able to scan almost every technical product. The object can be any material, including glass. Glossy objects will temporarily be covered with a very thin white powder to achieve better scanning. There is a possibility to scan large objects by section using the reference points. Based on the reference points (circular markers), the software automatically transforms individual dimensions into a general, global coordinate system.

1. Positioning the sensor

2. Scanning

3. Scanned point cloud

Full 3D data can be exported to standard file formats to complete the finishing.

The result of scanning is a high resolution, dense point cloud or triangular mesh surface (.stl file). Optionally, a surface or solid body CAD model is also available. 3D digital data can be used for presentation, archiving, part duplication, finite element analysis, redesign or production, or for quality control purposes. The specialty is the scanning of broken or worn injection molds, reverse engineering or the measurement and analysis of free form plastic or metal parts.

Reverse Engineering

The 3D data obtained from the GOM ATOS 3D scanner can be processed afterwards for CAD / CAM purposes. After Reverse Engineering, the model illustrates the object as a 3D CAD data with surface and geometrical defects.

During the procedure, the model can be redesigned and the shape can be modified. It is possible to export the model to a general format such as .iges, .step or in special cases as a parametric original format such as SolidWorks .sldprt, Pro/E .prt, Siemens-UGS NX .prt file.

In most cases, the .iges file is suitable for importing and editing to any CAD / CAM system.

3D Scanning

3D szkenneles
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